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Project Description
A package for ankh and bugnet tracker integration in visual studio 2012.

It is a story about this micro-tool.

I was used be a bugnet tracker user for many years, also using subversion SVN for SCM.

I do not have enough time for coding and it just a little hobby. As usually,I like record some idea or tasks or else to do at my Bugnet Tracker Site.

In Visual Studio 2012, we have a svn plus named AnhkSVN , which is my favorite. Some day when I wake up morning, I want to find a plugins in Vistual Studio 2012 that I can intergrate the SCM and Issue Tracker, so that I can know what to do next immediately. Poorly, I did not find any.

And in the end, you know, this micro-tool is coming out.

The extension is also published at

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